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Sunday, 21 September 2008


Columbo: the first episode
1971 - 72 mins 59sec
Directed by Stephen Speilberg
Universal studios

Following on from a couple of pilot movies, this was the first episode from the first season and was directed by a young Stephen Speilberg.

James Ferris and Ken Franklin are a bestselling mystery writing team but when Ferris decides he want to write alone and concentrate on more serious work, his partner feels that the golden goose is about to be killed.

Franklin, who has not written much of their series in years, preferring to live the high life, decides to kill his partner and pass it off as the work of professionals but the downbeat cop, Columbo is not convinced.

They really don't make shows like this any more which is a pity because for all the gritty quality of today's better shows, it's nice to have a bit of simple escapism once in a while. What struck me watching this episode is how similar the character of Columbo is to the cop in the movie, the exorcist.