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Thursday, 20 November 2008


I don't think I would have read this book were it not for Pattie's forgotten book feature. I bought it along with another Autry book, both in superb condition, for my collection of western related books. But I thought it would be an unusual choice for a Forgotten Friday tome and so I decided I'd read it and I'm glad I did actually.

Once I got used to the prose style the story zinged along and gave me everything I should expect from a western - wagon trains, indians, shoot outs, romance - this book has it all in spades.

It's billed as Gene Autry and the Badmen of Broken Bow -an original story featuring Gene Autry, famous motion picture star as the hero by Snowden Miller with illustrations by Peter Alvarado. A quick Google search on the author revealed that he also penned Roy Rogers novels but gave me very little else - ditto, the artist.

The book was published in 1951 and the copyright is assigned to Gene Autry. It was made and printed by Purnell and Sons of Somerset under licence from Western Printing in Winconsin.

It's a great read that makes you feel like a kid again.......


pattinase (abbott) said...

Love looking inside the book. Thanks.

Scott Parker said...

Ironic: you reviewing this book, I did a Three Investigators book, and David Cranmer did the Hardy Boys. Guess it's that time of year when we feel closest to our childhoods and the sweet memories we have in our heads. Liked the review. Thanks.