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Friday, 11 September 2009


The Saint started his radio career in 1940 with Terence De Marney in the role of Simon Templar, the Saint. Later both NBC and CBS produced Saint radio shows, these starred Edgar Barrier and Brian Aherne respectively. These were the days when radio was king, when entire families huddled around the radios, often huge monolithic looking sets, and listened to dramas, comedy, sci-fi, horror and even soap operas. Incredible to think in these digital times that the radio was once the chief provider of entertainment.

There is a full listing of all Saint radio adventures and a detailed essay on the radio exploits of Simon Templer at the but out of all the radio Saints, and there have been many, the most popular was Vincent Price - the actor, best known for his horror films and the spoken word section of Michael Jackson's Thriller was Simon Templar from 1947 - 1951. By this period television was starting to take over as the predominant form of entertainment but several more actors would play the Saint on radio - go to for that full listing.

Vincent Price played the Saint as a super cool lounge lizard - he would often wrap his lines around his tongue and release them in a cat-like purr. And the public took the character and Price to their hearts so much so that there was a demand for the actor to return to the role after he had initially quit. Price once said, that the main problem with such a long running series was thinking up new ways to get bashed over the head each week.

And now in full The Tainted Podcast present a full episode of The Saint starring Vincent Price. The podcast can be listened to via the embedded player here or it is available on Itunes and other podcast providers.

Enjoy The Previewed Murder:

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