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Saturday, 26 September 2009


As a companion to the posts on Jack the Ripper I thought it would be useful to offer links to some of the most interesting Jack the Ripper content on the web.

Jack the Ripper Casebook
is one of the most comprehensive sites dedicated to serious research of the killings. The Casebook also produces a brilliant and fascinating series of round table discussions as podcasts which can be found in the contents list on the site.

The Metropolitan Police site has a comprehensive list of documents concerning the crimes.

Jack the Ripper gives a good introduction to the famous mystery.

TEN INTERESTING RIPPER SUSPECTS does just what it says on the tin.

There are numerous other Ripper sites on the web but these are the ones I have found the most interesting for my own research.

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Joseph A. West said...

I used Jolly Jack in one of my Western novels coming out next month. The guy (or gal) is a storyteller's dream.
Joe West