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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

WIld West Web Roundup

Howard Hopkins AKA western writer Lance Howard had just announced the sale of his 32nd Black Horse Western - head over to his blog where he's talking about his books and the genre in general.

'It’s called “The Killing Kind” ' Howard writes, 'and is a bit different from most of my previous books for the line and more like what I write under my own name. The novel relies much more on suspense and tension than out and out gunfights and complicated plot devices.'

Sounds good to The Archive but then we're all fans of Lance Howard here - he consistently delivers enjoyable westerns. In fact his novel, Ladigan is one of my favourite westerns of recent years.

So roll on 32 and we hope it ain't too long for 33.

The next part of the story with no name should be popping up somewhere on the Wild West Wed later today but as I write the story has not surfaced - so check back later for updates on, The Story with no name.

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I.J. Parnham said...

Part 9 is at Meridian Bridge, with a nice picture.