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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

To Hell in a handcart

Richard Littlejohn
Harper Collins £5.99

I must say I enjoyed this satirical novel that takes a sly dig at life in modern Britain - a country full of righteous do-gooders, self serving politicians and politically correct morons. Mr Littlejohn envisions a defeated and beaten Britain. Insightful of him given that in the eight years since the book was published this has largely come about. No matter how outrageous the politicians in this book nothing in this fiction compares with the real life expenses scandal which continues to play out even today.

Ex-cop, Mickey French is an ordinary bloke but when he is attacked in his own home and forced to defend himself he find himself arrested for murder. It all seems to be loosely based on the celebrated Tony Martin case and it hits home its point with vigour. Sure you'll laugh at the insanity of it all but you'll also feel despair and anger at what Nu-Labour have done to the UK. Don't read this book if you are a Guardian reading, Nu-Labour supporter as it is likely to offend you but anyone else is in for a good time at the expense of the politically correct brigade and the establishment itself.

The book is no longer in print and Littlejohn - the author has had charges of bigotry aimed at him over some of the passages in this book but I think that misses the point. If there is a message the book is trying to convey then it's, live and let live and that tolerance is a two way street. But each day the newspapers are filled with ever more ridiculous stories about the PC brigade...At the end of the day Political Correctness is just another term for censorship but let's lighten up and enjoy the book for what it is - a satirical swipe at bland Britain.

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Oscar said...

I was hoping that this book was one about the Mormon handcart companies, but soon realized it was written by a Brit with a great sense of humor and taking dead aim at the modern day Britain and its pols.