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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

eBooks will make the industry BIGGER, says bestselling writer

Best selling author David Baldacci is taking a cue from the world of DVD's by releasing his newest title as an enhanced eBook complete with deleted scenes

Baldacci's new novel "Deliver Us from Evil" is being released as both a hard copy and in enhanced eBook form. Baldacci is giving his eBook readers access to what he calls "behind the scenes footage" from his process of writing a novel.

"You have to go where the readers are. Certainly, the younger readers are used to doing things on computers, on iPhones," said Baldacci. "I think it's actually going to make the industry bigger."

Baldacci views eBooks as an opportunity to appeal to a previously untouched demographic of readers.

"The eBooks are a way to get people who would never think about going into a store and picking up a book but love to do stuff on the computer," said Baldacci. "They can go on, read a book, enjoy it, and next time they might go to a book store and buy one off the shelf."

Other elements of Baldacci's enhanced eBook include edited manuscript pages, photos of places in the book, a discarded title and ending, and a video tour of his office. Baldacci says this is a way to reach out and answer questions of fans who might wonder about the writing process.

"We have to be a thriving and innovative industry. The movie industry does it. The music industry does it," said Baldacci. "We're content people. We create stuff too and we have to be creative about this as well."

Baldacci says eBooks don't represent the end of the hard copy, rather just another way to provide content to readers.

"I don't think we have to run away from this at all thinking, oh my, this is the end of the real book," said Baldacci.

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Charles Gramlich said...

He's right about our need to be creative.

Cullen Gallagher said...

He makes a point about the "behind the scenes" content. I love collecting and reading the original paperback editions, but sometimes I'll also pick up a newer reprint if it has extra stories by the author, or an essay or biography about the writer.