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Monday, 26 April 2010

The Nook may be the eReader to go for

The eBook world is very much still in development and yet Barnes and Noble have just taken their eBook reader, The Nook to the next level with a new free software update. Barnes & Noble NOOK e-reader is seeing one of the most impressive updates in a long time, and we have to believe that this update wouldn't be nearly as robust without Amazon's Kindle, Spring Design's Alex and Apple's iPad sitting beside it on the virtual shelves. These days, consumers have lots of choices when it comes to buying an e-book reader and/or tablet, so without a nice feature set, it's easy to overlook one and head right for another.

It's clear that B&N doesn't want their recently launched NOOK to become the one that's overlooked, and judging by the new firmware, they mean business with keeping it up to date when compared to the competition. The latest update, which is being provided for free to current and to-be NOOK owners, adds new firsts and features for the e-book category as a whole and the NOOK itself. A new Read In Store experience has been launched in Beta, bringing users the ability to browse complete books in B&N stores at no cost, as well as games. The games app is the first Android app on the device, and if that's not enough, don't sweat it.

NOOK v1.3 is now available via manual download at with additional information and easy-to-follow directions. NOOKs connected to Wi-Fi will receive an automatic NOOK v1.3 update over the next week.

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Anonymous said...

I love my Nook & with its new release, it's even sweeter!