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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Cruise is All Shook Up

This film sounds mad enough to make it big - Tom Cruise is to play Elvis Presley in the movie, Big Boss Man - apparantly the movie is based on the premise of Elvis as an FBI agent going up against drug dealers in the New York of the 1970's The movie suggests that Elvis went into the witness protection program after the events told in the movie and is, in fact, alive today.

In real life Elvis did indeed have an FBI badge - it was presented to him by Tricky Dicky Nixon when the musician offered his services to help solve the youth drug problem.


David Barber said...

Not a big Cruise fan myself but sounds like a crazy enough film to make me watch it.
BTW, I thought Elvis was alive. I read a few years ago the he was shelf stacking at some supermarket and Hitler was also alive. He'd flown a Lancaster Bomber to the moon. It's true, it was in the Sunday Sport. :-)

Laurie Powers said...

I think it depends on the director. Some could pull it off.

It's Father's Day here in the U.S., Gary. Happy Father's Day.

Anonymous said...