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Tuesday, 27 July 2010


The first in George G. Gilman's all time classic western series is now listed on the Solstice Publishing website as coming soon.

It's all systems go now and nothing can stand in the way of the digital comeback for this all time classic western series. The Edge books are like Spaghetti Westerns on steroids. No western series has ever punched harder or with more style. Known as much for their humour as gut churning action, the books represent truly entertaining reading.

The Edge series ran for 61 titles and still has a thriving cult audience today - now with the new digital medium, changing the face of publishing, it is time for the books to return. Back in the day you could go into any bookshop and buys books such as this - well those days are back. It is hoped that we can put all 61 titles back into print as well as the three spin off titles in which Edge met another timeless Gilman creation, Adam Steele. And who knows - if the demand is there then maybe we'll see Steele emerging in a shiny new digital packaging.

Anyone unfamiliar with Edge and wanting to lean more should join the George G. Gilman and the Piccadilly Cowboys forum - it's a great group with an active forum populated by passionate fans of not only the Edge books but the other writers who made up the collective known as The Piccadilly Cowboys - Terry Harknett, Ken Bulmer, Laurence James, John Harvey, Mike Linaker, Fred Nolan and Angus Wells who wrote westerns in the 1970's and 80's under the names of George G Gilman, Charles R Pike, John J McLaglen, James A Muir, William M James, William S Brady, Charles C Garrett, John Harvey, Neil Hunter, Mathew Kirk, L J Coburn, J B Dancer, James W Marvin, J D Sanderson and Frederick H Christian. This forum is dedicated to those writers and their books. 2 of the writers, Terry Harknett and Mike Linaker are members and regular contributors.

I personally urge anyone interested in western fiction to take a look at the group - joining up is simplicity itself and in no time you'll have many knowledgeable fans to chat with. I'm a member myself, naturally, and find it a great resource for information on The Piccadilly Cowboys.

And keep visiting The Archive for all the latest Edge and George G. Gilman news.

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