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Monday, 26 July 2010


SHERLOCK on nicotine patches
Well the BBC's new take on Sherlock Holmes was okay, far better than I expected, with good performances all round even if the script from Stephen Moffat and Mart Gatiss was a little, shall we say odd. There are still two more adventures to go  so I'll give an overall review after the series ends. I actually worked on this series, I'm one of the audience members in the circus scenes and I'm not sure which of the remaining two episodes this is. The only thing that bothered me about last night's episode is replacing the pipe with nicotine patches, that's a three nicotine patch problem in itself.


Joanne Walpole/Terry James said...

I was disappointed. In fact, I think I nodded off halfway through. :-( I'll give it another go though.

Nik said...

I enjoyed the first episode though it appeared that they've imported the same problem from Dr Who: foreground music drowning out dialogue. The actual music is good and seems to fit, but often I had to strain to hear what was being said. (The next 2 episodes are on the next 2 consective Sunday nights, I think)