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Thursday, 12 August 2010


Amazon today delivered my copy of , Choice of Weapons which collects the three Raymond Benson Bond novels, Zero Minus Ten, The Facts of Death and the Man with the Red Tattoo as well as the short stories, Live at Five and Midsummer Night's Doom. Together with the previous volume, The Union Trilogy which also contained three novels (well it is a trology) and the short story, Blast from the Past, the two books represent the full Bond canon of Raymond Benson, well excluding the film novelisations he did but these were always considered to be outside canon.

The books from Pegasus Books are handsome trade paperbacks and fill a need in the market, as Bond fans have been clamouring for re-prints of these long out of print books. Now if only the publishers would do the same for the John Gardner Bond novels.

George adds Benson to his TBR pile

EXPECT a review of all Benson's original Bond novels as part of the Archive's complete literary 007 series - mind you we've only just tackled Dr No so it'll be some time.

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