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Tuesday, 10 August 2010


"The Edge books are like spaghetti westerns on steroids. No western series has ever punched harder or with more style." Gary Dobbs AKA Jack Martin

"And now, as George G. Gilman continues to ride toward his bloody sunset, the success and gratitude that both author and fans share reminds me of a Terry Harknett quote; "It seemed like a good idea at the time." Trever Palmer

"You thought he was forgotten but he's back .... Edge - A Man Alone and Twice as Mean.Colder than Ice, Hotter than Blood, more Final than Death - Ride with Edge, The Loner - an eSeries that Slashes like a Razor" Tony Masero

"Edge really was, as the cover copy promised, "a new kind of western hero." He was violent, anti-social and chauvenistic, and only survived in his harsh, Spaghetti-western style environment by being twice as mean as his opponents." David Whitehead

My all time favourite of the series involved Edge meeting up with a scowling badguy whose name is Bruce Wayne. When the unfortunately named Mister Wayne is demanding satisfaction for some ill or another, Edge simply drawls, “Any time you wanna bat, man.” Lucus Thorn

"Of course this is not your typical western; it is in your face, harsh, and goes down like snake venom. Wherever Edge goes, brutality and destruction follows." August West

"For anyone that has never read this series, I strongly suggest that you go and search the web and  purchase a copy of Edge The Loner. I guarantee if you do ... you will want to read more!" Cody Wells

"The Western needed a change. The Edge books shocked me." BILL TIDY, PUNCH MAGAZINE, LONDON

".brilliant action, authentic without being dull and wickedly funny." CLUB INTERNATIONAL, LONDON

"Edge is the hero of the new Western series who wields a razor and oozes sex - a far cry from the clean-limbed, gentlemen heroes of Zane Grey." GEORGE THAW, DAILY MIRROR, LONDON

"Part of his (Edge's) secret of success could be that (he) is not your typical clean-limbed hero-type cowboy. Far from it." PETER GROSVENOR, DAILY EXPRESS, LONDON 


1 comment:

madshadows said...

The EDGE western series got me into reading and I'll always be grateful for that, superb series, bloody, brutal and at times hilarious with the end of chapter jokes, ridiculous that they have been out of print so long, great news that they are coming back out in Ebook and print on demand formats. Great article, look forward to more of them this week :)

John :)