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Saturday, 21 August 2010


Author Brian Keene on his website reports - "My sources tell me that Don D’Auria, the editor who created Leisure’s venerable horror line and oversaw the Western and Thriller lines, and editorial director Leah Hultenschmidt have both been let go as part of a staff reduction. Apparently, the entire editorial department is now one person: Chris Keeslar. No word on what this means for the horror line… or indeed, the company itself. But I have some speculations."

Brian's written an hard hitting piece and predicts Dorchester having a year at the most before they cease to exist - HERE 

"What’s my advice to my fellow Leisure authors? Run. Get the fuck out and don’t look back. It is my opinion that we are screwed. At this point, you’re an absolute fool if you sign with them for anything else. Remember Zebra and Dell Abyss in the Nineties? Yeah? " Brian Keene

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