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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

e-Readers for all

The Digital Reader is reporting on a new Facebook group designed to ensure free access to eBooks for all library card holders started by a certain Gary Dobbs. Make sure you sign up HERE

"Today I came across a report about a group that has been started up on FaceBook, with the aim of getting governments all over the world to ensure that Libraries can lend their public eBooks — complete with the eReaders needed to read them.
This strikes me an an extremely ambitious project, and I am not quite sure how they intend to bring the needed pressure onto the various governments to achieve their aim, to be honest.   But I support the thought, as obviously for eBooks to become a standard offering in libraries, it is logical that libraries will need to have the correct type of eReader available for the public to be able to actually borrow the eBooks and read."

The group has also been mentioned on Ebookanoid

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