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Monday, 23 August 2010

Everyone's on Edge

Edge is all over the Wild West Web - Bill Cryder reports on the return of Edge over on his widely read blog, Smashwords now have the eBook listed in their market and are featuring Edge HERE

And Cheaplit, nice name that, have an extract from the new eBook HERE

The Edge is back

"The idealized Westerner lives clean, is respectful to ladies, courteous to his social inferiors and gives his enemies a sporting chance. Edge is not an idealized westerner - not in any way at all. This is where it all begins, one of the most compelling and original western series ever written. A series that will shock and delight in equal measure, for Edge is a western hero like no other - Edge"

The book is also on its way to Amazon's Kindle store and will be showing up there any day now. But the way Amazon's system works at the moment it will appear on Amazon within 2 weeks, although it usually only takes four to five days,  and the expanded distribution which lists it on over 25,000 online sites such as Barnes and Noble will take up to 1-8 weeks.

The book can be bought instantly though direct from the publisher, Solstice Publishing or from sites such as Smashwords.

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