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Monday, 16 August 2010

Louis L'amour rides the digital range

Beau L'Amour tells me that just about all of his father's, the western legend Louis L'amour, books are now available in eBook format. Great news for western fans - and with George G. Gilman's classic western series, Edge due to return later this month, it look as if it'll be easier to buy westerns electronically than physically. I mean when is the last time anyone saw so much western choice in the brick and mortar bookshops.

 Out of interest I just checked the Amazon UK Kindle store and was delighted to find well over a thousand westerns available. And whilst it is true a great many seem to be self published works from people I've never heard of, there are many titles from recognised masters of the genre including the late Louis L'amour. In fact I found myself making a wish list of over twenty titles - suffice to say the book below was not on that list.

And the Archive's award for the most absurd sounding Kindle western goes to The Gay Texas Ranger by Arius De Winter - one wonders what The Duke would say!

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