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Sunday, 8 August 2010


All this week The Archive looks forward to the single most significant event in western fiction in years, as we celebrate the return of the hugely popular cult western series, Edge which is about to burst back into print via Solstice Publishing in both the new fangled eBook edition and paperbacks using POD technology.

Exciting times, indeed.

The Edge books are not traditional westerns, the Edge books are not even un-traditional adventures - the Edge books are in a class of their own. As Steve M, Western Fiction Review pointed out in an article that will be posted here during the week, Edge was different -  "
such as a music festival (Edge 21: Rhapsody in Red), the re-birth of Jesus (Edge 28: Eve of Evil), and a man building an ark (Edge 37: Vengeance at Ventura), all this keeping the series fresh and surprising." 

Click out to the article at Lateral Books which offers a good insight into the high regard readers have for the character.

For years western readers and writers have worried that the genre is not gaining any new ground, not attracting new younger readers. Well now with the eBook explosion we have the greatest opportunity presented us for a long while to make genre fiction hip again. And yet many people are, true to form, running from it and bemoaning this intrusion on our beloved paper, glue and cardboard, instead of looking forward to the possibilities the new medium offers.

The biggest thing in westerns at the moment is the massively popular video game, Red Dead Redemption and, although the average teenage games player is unlikely to pick up a western paperback, it is more likely that they may give the genre a chance in eBook format because of the numerous platforms that can be used to read the book. And if anyone is looking for an experience similar to that of Red Dead Redemption in western fiction, then Edge is the place to find it.

So stick with the Archive where, along with all the usual content, we'll be looking at the world of Edge - the western series too tough to die.

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