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Thursday, 5 August 2010


An entire week celebrating the writings of Mr George G. Gilman - Assuming you've not kept your head buried in the sand these last few weeks, you will know that the explosive, mega-selling western series Edge is coming back in both eBook and Paperback from Solstice Publishing. The centre-piece  of the week will be a Virtual Campfire piece with Terry Harknett himself, who is, of course, the man who held the George G. Gilman pen for 61 excellent Edge books, as well as many other westerns.

The Archive will contain all the usual reviews, news and nonsense but each and every day will feature at least one George G. Gilman/Edge related post. And regular readers know there ain't gonna' be just one post a day. I've also roped in a couple of guest bloggers to give their take on the Edge phenomenon.

The series that dominated the entire western genre for most of the 70's and 80's, books that had the same effect on the literary genre as the Spaghetti westerns did for its celluloid counterpart, a series that is still hugely popular with rarer copies of the old books going for triple figures. At the time of writing there is a copy of Edge 61: The Rifle, the final Edge book that sold for £1.75, on Ebay and the current bidding is up to £60.

So what is it that makes this the western series that refuses to die? Find out next week when the Archive goes over the edge to bring you the Edge week. In the meantime check out the Edge You Tube teaser below.

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Charles Gramlich said...

I guess some of my copies would be worth some money. I may have to look into that.