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Tuesday, 24 August 2010


*A survey by the copywriting firm, Cooper, Murrey Web revealed just 36 percent of Brits with iPads prefer printed books. Cooper Murphy Webb also said more than two in five (43 percent) use their iPad for ten hours or more, although just five percent 'always' leave home with the device. The majority of iPad owners use the device inside their homes and don't leave home with the device.

 * Four billion books translated into 100 languages and a play that has been running in London for over 50 years - whodunnit? Why Agatha Christie, the world's bestselling writer and September 15th sees the 120th anniversary of her birth - expect lots of Christie related happenings across the globe.

* Terry Practchett and publishers Transworld are launching a competition for first time writers where the winner will see their book published and recieve an advance of £20,000 - it's like the X-Factor but with genuine talent. The theme of competition is "Anywhere but here, anywhen but now." Entrants must submit a finished novel of 80,000 to 150,000 words - for more details go to Terry Pratchett's official web site.

* Crime writer, Martina Cole has launched her own record company. The label, Hostage Music - it's like the X-Factor but with talent - is actively looking to sign both singers and songwriters.

* As always when the government f***s things up it is the important services that are cut and with British Councils being told to make a 1.2 billion saving, the unimaginative moronic bland self serving tossers have targeted British libraries and have warned of a severe cut to the £96 million spent on books each year. David Cameron's "Big Society" concept also includes public libraries and suggests that library's should be run by local volunteers. I wonder if sell out, Nick agrees? The Archive is needless to say  horrified and is currently looking at a viable way to arrange some sort of mass protest against library cuts. Libraries must be protected and should be there for all. Any ideas are welcome.

* Stick it to the man - writer Henry Perez has just done that and scored a number one eBestseller on Amazon with Mourn the Living. The book was originally given away free and yet now that the promotion has ended, it is the number one paid for item on Amazon's US Kindle store, raking in a considerable sum for the author.

* Strong rumours are that Borders are due to go out of business and are very nearly bankrupt. This is terrible news but not a big shock if, indeed it does turn out to be true. I'm still in mourning at the loss of the chain from UK stores as Borders was the most varied bookstore there was.  Sad times, indeed.

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