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Saturday, 4 September 2010

The Archive often posts items of weird news from around the world, but this is happening on my own doorstop and the bridges in question I drive under each day - ain't noticed no mice overhead yet, though.

COUNCIL bosses in South Wales have been slammed for spending £190 000 on building bridges — for dormice.
The mice will be protected from nearby predators and will be kept safe from traffic on the Church Village bypass, which opens next month after a 20-year wait.
The three bridges will help them move between habitats either side of the newly-built £90 milliion stretch of road between Pontypridd and Talbot Green.
Local resident Nichola Thomas, 34, said: “There are more pressing issues that the council could be spending money on. I find it absurd that they have spent such an obscene amount of cash on this bridge.”

Bethan Rees, 30, agreed and added: “It’s an eyesore and it’s ludicrous. If it was a bridge for us, I’d still call it a waste of money in this current financial climate.”
But Byron Bowden, 27, said; “I think it’s great that the council are protecting the local wildlife — it’s something we are proud of here and something authorities are usually dismissive about.” — Reuters.

Mickey Mouse was unable to comment as he was being chased by a large black and white cat but Rhondda MP, Chris Bryant, who has at least got ears like a mouse, said nothing because no-one could get hold of him as usual.

However the next stage of Rhondda Cynon's Taff plans for the new bypass will be a Mousetestrian Crossing situated at the top of Power-Station Hill, though the Zebra Crossing due to be erected by the old hospital site has been cancelled after MP Chris Bryant discovered after watching the Discovery Channel that Zebra's are not indigenous to South Wales.


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