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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Clint rides again

Clint issue 2 is now on the news-stands and now even W H Smith are stocking the title. Overall this second issue is stronger than the launch issue but still lacks a letters page which I do hope they adopt for future issues - the readers letters pages are always a blast in publications like this.

The comic strips are continued from the previous issue - Kick Arse 2, Jonathan Woss's Turf, the bizarre Rex Royd from Frankie Boyle and this issue also contains the first part of American Jesus by Mark Miller which was previously published stateside but I believe is making it's UK debut here. Space Oddities is an amusing one off tale and Mark Miller's Nemesis is also continued.

The humour is of the FHM/Nuts variety and the poster of sexy chavs is hilarious, though I think I prefer the over-dressed porn concept. There are interviews with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost as well as Charlie Booker. There's an article looking at famous dwarfs from which I learned that the smallest man in the world is barely the length of a Giraffe's tongue.

I really do hope this title is a success - it'll be nice to see more comics on sale on the UK stands - check out the trailer for issue 1 below and then visit the official website HERE

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