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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Go get him!

See previous post related to the threatened PLR cuts.

Obviously all writers need to sign the petition but we really need to be more proactive - the man behind the PLR cuts is MP Jeremy Hunt, the guy who also scrapped the UK film council - I urge everyone to bombard Mr Hunt with emails in protest against the PLR cuts. Figures recently released by the Society of Author's showed that 87% of professional authors earn less than minimum wage and the small PLR payments can be a lifeline.

This man wants to take vital income from writers
Full contact details for Mr Hunt (I'm resisting the urge for an amusing play on words with the MP's surname.)

2 Royal Parade
Tilford Road
GU26 6TD
01428 609 416 
South West Surrey Media Enquiries:
For media matters relating to Jeremy's role as MP for South West Surrey please contact Laura Anstey on  0207 219 6221 or by emailing

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Mister Roy said...

Just saw this from the Society of Authors