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Friday, 10 September 2010

JOHN WAYNE TRIBUTE WEEKEND: Hanging with the Duke: Tony Masero

I became friends with Tony Masero because of George G Gilman's western series, Edge. I was a fan of the books and Tony was the artist responsible for many of the original Edge paperback covers. He is also the man behind the artwork for the first of the Edge eBooks.

Now Tony, being a man of impeccable taste, reads the Archive daily and when he heard of the John Wayne tribute weekend, he sent us this example of the artwork he did for the VHS release of Hellfighters.

It's great to see the original painting alongside the finished video cover. Tony also did a painting for True Grit and he's promised that if he can dig it out he'll send it along for the enjoyment of readers of the Archive.

Tony can be found HERE  - check out his gallery of artwork covering his many years as a professional illustrator and artist.

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