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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

The sky is the limit

Virgin America - are to start offering eBooks as part of their inflight entertainment along with movies and music  -
Publishers could offer books for free as a way to attract new readers. Unless it’s a really long flight, people probably wouldn’t finish the whole book, and then they would have to buy it. Or they could allow you to browse free excerpts of a variety much like the Kindle store does now.
Virgin's current ascertainment units on the back of the seats is currently showing a Read option as. 'Coming Soon.'

It is unclear if the airline's built in eBook readers will offer complete books, sample chapters, newspapers or magazine or even a combination of them all which is my best guess. I telephoned Virgin UK and their press office confirmed that eBooks would soon be offered as in flight entertainment but as yet there were no more details.

The Archive thinks this is a great idea.

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