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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Under the eDome

Just picked up Stephen King's Under the Dome in eBook format - I may have paid a pound more for the eBook that the paperback edition, which really doesn't seem fair.

But I'm glad I got the eBook since the physical book is massive - man, I can't imagine lugging that thing around with me. Instead though it's on my Sony PS300 along with over a hundred other books. Can't be eBad.

Anyway here's hoping that the 800 plus pages contain little padding and much story - watch out for a review in the fullness of time.

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Randy Johnson said...

You'll like Under The Dome. Though very long, it reads fast and, for me anyway, was something of a comeback for Mr. King. Every since his horrendous brush with death, his books seemed to lack something they once had.

Some of them were just, frankly, awful.

Funny thing, I never stopped picking them up though. I guess I had faith in the man.