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Thursday, 4 November 2010

007 goes digital and maybe Harry Potter too!!!

Ian Fleming’s famous James Bond novels are set to be digitally released in Britain for the very first time.
However, the books will not be put out through current publisher Penguin. Instead, the e-books are to be provided by Ian Fleming Publications, the company that has held the rights to the late author’s estate since he died in 1964. The more recent Young Bond books, which were written by famous comedian Charlie Higson and released by Puffin, will later follow as e-books next month.
The deal highlights just how much agents and publishers are prepared to scramble for digital rights that had not previously been assigned through old contracts.  Earlier on this year, Ian McEwan, winner of the Booker award, agreed to a lucrative deal with Internet giant that gave the latter exclusive rights to his entire back catalogue. While not confirmed, it is believed that digital rights to the hugely popular Harry Potter series have almost been sold.
Corinne Turner, who is Ian Fleming Publications’ current managing director, commented to the press that this recently announced move would enable his estate to get the full benefit of the Bond brand, with publishing giant Penguin having to accept some time ago that it had no control over digital rights to the original novels. In an attempt to hush some that might criticise Fleming’s work being released in a digital format, Turner pointed out that the man himself was a great admirer of technology, as reflected by the high-use of gadgets in the stories.

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