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Saturday, 13 November 2010

Extra Extra read all about it - The Black Horse rides again

The latest issue - Dec-Feb- of Black Horse Extra is now available online at the usual price of 0 pence. It's a great magazine and offers several hours of western centric reading. I always print each issue out and I now have quite a collection in my magazine pile.

This issue features a campfire chat with Nik Morton, Matt P. Mayo and myself with the subject being, what we like to read and indeed what we don't like to read.

 "You know, I despair of the book industry at the moment. I recently tried to read a James Patterson book and I found it poorly written and predictable with no characterization – and this guy is one of the best selling names in the world. He doesn’t even write his own books these days. He has turned his name into a brand like Coca-Cola – and yet readers snap him up. This wouldn’t have happened years ago – have we dumbed down this much? There is so much great writing out there but there seems to be a lack of taste with the average reader." Gary Dobbs, Black Horse Extra Dec-Feb 2011 issue.

There's also the exhaustive Hoofprints section and much much more.

Saddle up and get over there and read it now - HERE

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