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Wednesday, 24 November 2010


Paul McCartney this week fell on stage in Brazil but promptly bounced back to his feet - you can view a fan filmed video of the fall HERE. Much was made in the press that the singer is now 68 but at the end of the day he's probably fitter than someone twenty years younger and anyone could trip over a set of wires. I saw McCartney in Cardiff's Millenium Stadium earlier this summer and he was bouncing about like a teenager and 68 is these days not the age it once was.

McCartney often takes a kicking in the press and sometimes he deserves it - changing the order of the song credits from Lennon and McCartney to McCartney and Lennon for one thing, appearing on the banal Simon Cowell personal fortune making machine The X-Factor for another and hob nobbing with the Royals for yet another, but the way his fall was reported was frightening for long term Beatle fans like myself but it had F**K All to do with his age. Take a look at the video of the fall. It was a simple fact that Paul was too focused on the show to look where he was going. Clumsy oaf, that he is.

Long live The Beatle.

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