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Thursday, 4 November 2010


More  details have been released for Jeffrey Deaver's hotly anticipated James Bond novel, which is still going by the title Project X. Apparently in the new book Bond is now a thirty year old veteran of the Afghan Conflict.

The book is out in May and Deaver's saying Bond will be more "dark and edgy"

the James Bond literary reboot by American author Jeffery Deaver  brings Ian Fleming’s character into the modern era similar to 2006′s Casino Royale, only hopefully with more style and a Bond that remains true to Fleming's original creation.

"I can still recall the moment when I heard on the news that Fleming had died – I was in my mid-teens. It was as if I had lost a good friend or uncle. Nearly as troubling was the TV anchorman who reported that Bond, too, would die in the final pages of the last book, The Man with the Golden Gun. I was in agony until I could buy it the moment it was released. I read it in one sitting and learned the truth - at least I'd only have to mourn the loss of one of my heroes, not two." Jeffrey Deaver

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