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Friday, 12 November 2010

Paul McCartney to stage Beatle reunion


Sir Paul McCartney,former member The Beatles has announced that he is reforming the famous quartet for a series of concerts in America next year.

The "moptop" explained: "I fookin' just made up some cardboard cut outs of John and George. No one can tell the difference when they're on stage. Its really fookin' grouse laddy! I can't wait to take it on tour. And remember I wrote all the songs and was the bossy one."

" It'll fookin' look ace, lad! If you're in the crowd, you'll see the four of us on stage, just like the olden days."

At this point I asked him if he had a joint for breakfast, to which he replied "four actually, but what's your point?" Sir Macca is pretty excited about it but one does have to question his sanity, after all he is 68 years old.

"We're back laddy!!" McCartney shouted.

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