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Friday, 31 December 2010

Batman: Under the Red Hood

Recently I reviewed an animated Batman movie (Public Enemies) and when I remarked how much I enjoyed that movie, several people recommended this particular title to me.

This one is even better than Public Enemies - the script is just perfect and the plot could have been used in one of the live action Batman movies. It's that good. However animation allows for much more manoeuvrability with the battles and there are several that are stunningly executed.

The pay off - when we discover who is under the red hood - was totally unexpected for me. I'm not sure if this would be the case with someone who follows the Batman comics but I haven't read a Batman title since the graphic novel, Year One. And so this all seemed fresh to me - it's also one of the most violent Batman adventures I've ever seen but the violence is certainly not gratuitous and flows out of what is a dark and sombre story.

After this one I'll certainly be checking out more of these animated movie because if they're only half as good as this they are most certainly worth watching.

An impressive animated movie.

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