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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Black Horse Westerns update

Gill Jackson, Managing Director at Robert Hale, informs the Archive that the Black Horse print range will continue as usual and they have no plans to drop the printed books, which primarily sell to libraries. So the Black Horse eBooks will be in addition to the print copies.

  "The eBooks won’t affect the sale of the physical books to the libraries at all and we have no intention of changing our modus operandi for the series." Gill Jackson, Black Horse Westerns.

Initially Hale will publish four Black Horse titles in the electronic format and if this proves successful (as we know it will) then the entire range should eventually become available electronically.

"We will be tracking the reaction to this initial collection and thereafter putting a programme in place for the issue of perhaps another collection and individual titles but our plans are not defined as yet. " Gill Jackson

Gill Jackson also says the eBooks will be in a format that "will encompass all the major devices, from Kindle to the Sony Reader and the iPad"

This is all very exciting news for western readers. There are many series characters among the Black Horse list and maybe future bundles could be themed so that three or four books from a particular author could be offered. The Adventures of Misfit Lil by Chap O'Keefe for instance are very popular and a bundle of these would, I'm sure, prove very successful. That's one of the plus sides to the eRevolution - the format is versatile and new and inventive ways could be tried to market this remarkable book range.

The Black Horse books have a loyal following and yet the hard-covers remain expensive and are often difficult to get hold of, so fans of the series should most definitely support the eBook titles - not only will you be getting a bargain but you will be doing your bit to ensure that one day we may see the entire range with the electronic option.

More news here as we get it...

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