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Wednesday, 29 December 2010


The forthcoming large print paperback edition of both The Tarnished Star and Arkansas Smith are now available for pre-order in the US from Ulverscroft.

Arkansas Smith
by Jack Martin

ISBN: 9781444806670

Large Print (Soft Cover) - 240 Pages

Published - 05-01-2011

Genre - Western

Price - $ 20.99

'Arkansas Smith: a legendary name. Once he was a Texas Ranger, but now some say he's an outlaw - a killer of men and a fast draw. Others claim he's a special lawman, dispensing frontier justice across the West. Arkansas Smith arrives in Red Rock looking for those who shot and left his friend for dead. And as he vows to bring them to justice, those opposing him face the legendary fast draw that helped tame the West.' 

The Tarnished Star
by Jack Martin

ISBN: 9781444805895

Large Print (Soft Cover) - 256 Pages

Published - 03-01-2011

Genre - Western

Price - $ 20.99

'Sheriff Cole Masters just wants to raise a family with the woman he loves. But upholding the law, when guns rule, is a dangerous business. When Cole arrests a rancher's son for the murder of a saloon girl, the father will do anything to free his son. And soon the lawman is on the run for murder - chased by two gunmen. The rancher wants Masters dead - but blood will run as Cole Masters attempts to reclaim his tarnished star.'
And coming soon for pre-order The Ballad of Delta Rose to be published July 2011 by Robert Hale LTD

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