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Sunday, 5 December 2010

Patricia Cornwell -how to lose a Ferrari

There's an insightful interview with Patricia Cornwell in today's Independent in which the author talks to James Kidd - the interview is deeply probing and covers Cornwell being outed as a lesbian by the American press, the vast sums of money she lost and a Ferrari which apparently vanished into thin air, her ordeal at the hands of a cyber stalker, her falling out with the Bush family and her disenchantment with the Obama government. The interview also covers her use of Facebook and other social networks to engage directly with her readers and her new Kay Scarpetta novel, Post Mortuary.

"George W Bush is the worse president we've ever had." Patricia Cornwell.

"I really believe that gays in America are today's blacks." Patricia Cornwell.

The full interview can be read online HERE

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