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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Riding that digital range

There's only a week or so now to go before the first of the Black Horse Westerns eBook bundles make their debut in eStores but one western writer who is ahead of the curve is Chris Scott Wilson who has already seen several of his one time Robert Hale titles republished as eBooks by Boson Books.

"I've seen the future and it's eBooks." Chris Scott Wilson

The original Hale hardcover
Chris wrote on an Amazon thread entitled Western Writers on the Kindle - "About time western writers had a thread of our own. I've just had three of my original Black Horse westerns reissued as eBooks by Boson publishers of Raleigh, North Carolina. They're all classic style westerns. Good guys, bad guys, some guys inbetween and a few Indians too.

The Fight at Hueco Tanks
The Quantro Story

Give 'em a try. It just might encourage you to put your foot in the stirrup and mount up. Hear that saddle leather creaking as you find your seat? The rump of that big bay, restless beneath you, shifting its weight from hoof to hoof. He's chewing on that bit, rattling it between his teeth. Tossing his head and shaking his mane, nostrils flared, breath steaming in the morning breeze coming in off the prairie. He can smell that buffalo grass and knows how sweet the water will taste at the end of the day. But right now he's ready to ride out those bedsprings. He's just waiting for you to touch your spurs to his flanks, then he'll flatten his ears and be off and running. Why are you hesitating? There's a whole new world waiting for you out west. C'mon along. Ride with us."

Chris, a Yorkshireman also writes highly acclaimed maritime novels and also history books - he has had a lifelong love for the western genre and considers his westerns to be historical novels which explains the high level of period detail in his work.

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