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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Stephen King movies get the remake treatment

The classic Firestarter and the not so classic Maximum Overdrive are both to be remade - Universal are in charge of both projects with completion of the first expected towards the last quarter of 2011 with Maximum Overdrive following a little later. And on the subject of King movie, director Ron Howard has been talking about the long awaited big and small screen adaptation of The Dark Tower saga.

“It is going well, and it has been incredibly stimulating to work on. It’s dense, a great author’s life work is not to be taken lightly. It has been utterly fascinating to explore it, and we are having great creative conversations. I’ve begun tossing and turning at 3 in the morning over it, so that’s a good sign.” Ron Howard

The Dark Tower is a major project that will consist of a film trilogy and a television series that will run between each film. Howard will direct the first film and the first series that will be used to create a bridge to the second film. Akiva Goldsman, a consulting producer of Fringe, is writing the screenplay and 24’s executive producer Brian Grazer will co-produce the film with Goldsman and the man who brought us our first introduction to the world of the Dark Tower, Stephen King.

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