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Wednesday, 22 December 2010


Ain't it Cool News are a reliable source for film reviews so it's big news indeed that they are calling the new True Grit - One of the best westerns ever made. The films is out in the US today but we Brits have to wait a little longer - it's not fair.

The UK release is the 14th Jan 2011 which makes no sense and really pisses me off - I can't wait that long. Why should the UK wait that long? Film producers and distributors moan about illegal copies of films cropping up on the Internet and yet staggered release dates like this will only encourage file sharing. I'll be in the cinema for the release but I can't say I'll be able to resist the temptation to watch a dodgy copy before that date.

Check out Ain't it Cool's review HERE


Chap O'Keefe said...

Our friend Laurie Powers (Laurie's Wild West) chooses a link to the Roger Ebert review. That, too, is full of praise -- and from a veteran reviewer who never gives it lightly.

Mack said...

I saw it over the holiday. I subsequently downloaded the John Wayne version and the audiobook from iTunes. A total True Grit immersion. With a couple of exceptions it is a very faithful film adaptation of the book. The exceptions are a couple of scenes that were put in that add nothing to the story - in my opinion - and I wonder what the Coen's were thinking. I would rather have seen them expand other scenes that they condensed. I thought the casting very good. It is great to see a western in the movies again and I look forward to your thoughts on it.