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Friday, 3 December 2010

The Walking Dead episode 5

This is the penultimate episode of what has been a truly remarkable series and leaves the way open for a massive show down to take place in the season climax. This was a slower paced episode than usual but the suspense was racked all the way up. The aftermath of the zombie attack have left our dwindling band of survivors bruised and battered and much time is spent exploring this.

The scenes where we are waiting for Amy to turn into one of the walking dead are masterful - this viewer was on the edge of the seat waiting for Amy to attack her sister but a neat twist was all the more shocking for it being totally unexpected.

The show ended on a mysterious point with a shot that could have come directly from Close Encounters of the Third Kind and leaves us in anticipation of finding out just what the hell is going on when we return next week. A friend of mine recently said, this is a good time to be a geek and judging by the quality of this show he's not wrong there.


Next week the series ends for a year which is a bit of  major downer but the news that the next series will be a full length of at least thirteen episodes is some consolation. This is a great series and got me reading the original comics from which the series takes its inspiration. And for anyone interested there is a great podcast about the show, HERE

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Ray said...

Episode 6 is reckoned to be the best. A real end of series finale - which makes a change.
I'm looking forward to Series 2 as well but just hope that they don't fall into the trap of losing interest half-way through (ie:Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles series 2).