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Monday, 6 December 2010


And we fade out to the sound of Bob Dylan - another excellent episode of this amazing television series. Is it really all over until late next year? And the episode was one surprise after another. It seemed a certain bet that the final episode would feature a showdown with an army of the walkers but we didn't get that. What we got was something totally unexpected and in my opinion perfect. It would have been simple to run the credits on a zombie attack with the viewer not knowing who had survived until the next season's opener - but that's been done before. That would have been lazy.

Instead we were served an episode that was light on zombies but heavy with emotional drama and a literally explosive ending that kept the viewer on the edge of the seat but gave a resolution of sorts while leaving many more questions hanging in the air.

There will be fans who will feel cheated by the lack of zombie action in this final episode, but then this is unlike most zombie movies, indeed this is unlike mostly anything else. I was expecting a gory horror show that would quickly become tiresome but this has exceeded my expectations and then some. I can't wait for the DVD box set so I can watch the entire series back to back. It's that good.

Top marks to all concerned - the best TV show of the year.

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