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Monday, 24 January 2011

Bond 23 is Red Sky at Night

The hot rumours are that the title for Bond 23, which will be released on Nov 9th 2013, is Red Sky at Night - this is a play on an old English rhyme of which there are several variations but its origins are with mariners - red sky at night, mariner's delight, red sky at morning mariner's warning.

The only other star who it is known for sure will be in Bond 23 is Dame Judy Dench, once more reprising her role as the disapproving M. One name been thrown around as a potential baddie is Simon Russell Beale, the British theater star who has worked with Sam Mendes on and off for over a decade. There was also speculation the Craig’s current girlfriend Rachel Weisz is in line for a role, but that may just be the active imaginations of the British tabloids working overtime.

The title, at the moment, has not been confirmed and several James Bond websites are discounting the rumours which were broken in the Sun newspaper. However I must be honest I think I like the title - it seems something Fleming would have used and scans nicely alongside such titles as Live and Let Die, Diamonds are Forever and You Only Live Twice. It's certainly got more of a ring to it than Quantum of Solace in any case.

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