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Thursday, 27 January 2011

The Campaign for Real Books

Fed up of all the talk about eBooks -CAMBO has been set up to protect paper books and encourage people to buy more books -  (From the CAMBO AD)
Spending time and money in a good bookshop is one of life's greatest pleasures. By joining the Campaign For Real Books you can get 10% discount on new and old books from your favourite independent bookshops simply by showing them your membership card. It's like a book token that lasts all year round!
You'll also become part of a huge community of book lovers who will have a real say in the future of real books. Too many local shops have closed down - let's make sure we keep the ones we have and encourage new ones to open.
CAMBO will make a fuss, make the news and make a difference, and the more members we have the more good we can do. As a not-for-profit company we will:
  • Support new and secondhand independent bookshops across the UK.
  • Support threatened bookshops and libraries.
  • Support independent printers, publishers, papermakers, binders, private presses and the 100,000+ British jobs that depend on paper books.
  • Hold or sponsor book fairs, literary festivals and other events.
  • Organise prizes for authors, shops, independent publishers, designers, illustrators and others associated with the book trade.
  • Make sure paper books are never seen as second best to ebooks.
You'll get a lot more than your CAMBO card, too. You'll get free or discounted admission to all CAMBO events, from small gatherings in local shops to big national fairs and festivals. You'll also receive a newsletter and of course access to our website as it evolves with news, views, interviews, a forum, links to shops, old and new books for sale and much, much more.

Find out about MEMBERSHIP HERE

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