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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Clint magazine delayed again but Strip on track

Things are not looking good for Clint, one of the freshest comic magazines to hit the UK market in years, decades even. It's certainly more consistently entertaining than Judge Dredd Megezine has been in many a moon. Issue 4 took an age to arrive and now the official website are reporting delays with issue 5.

If you've been looking out for CLiNT #5 and have been wondering why you haven't spotted it yet, the reason is simple - it hasn't come out yet. The release of the new issue has been delayed and it will now hit shelves in the UK and Ireland on 27 January 2011. This means it's due to arrive in the US and Canada on 22 February.

They'll need to get their act together because pretty soon they are going to have some competition in the form of a new UK magazine, Strip which is based on the bestselling Bosnian based comic magazine. Strip will feature alongside new material a reprinting of the classic and controversial Hook Jaw which first saw light of day in IPC's 1970's banned Action Comic.
Left is a preview of the cover from issue one of Strip which should launch this spring.

Clint creator Mark Miller is facing the anger of fans because of the title's problems. He has been accused on Twitter of ignoring fans and one commentator posted on THE CLINT MAGAZINE'S Facebook page -

" I love the way they just post this, with no real apology. No other magazine could get away with this. At least it hasn’t got David Mitchell or some one similarly un-cool on the cover... we’ll have to wait for issue 6 in a few months for that treat."

Another asked - "Yeah, so does this mean it's now bi-monthly as it's missed an issue? Issue 6 should of been out that date!"

And yet another moaned - " ok what the fuck is going on? you should have informed us, not leave us hanging, you said issue 5 on december 30th, you have to deliver issue five NOW."

The Tainted Archive were themselves unable to get a comment from the Clint people. Go on guys get the comic out there, make our day!  

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