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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Comic Books that are really worth reading - The Death of Superman

There comes a time when even Gods must die.

Look at the cover image left - the cape, tattered, blowing in the wind, looking like the flag of a defeated country. The Death of Superman storyline really was excellent storytelling in a comic book format. It was also made it the DC animated movie, Doomsday but the original comic books is where the real deal is. After the final issue of the story was published there were no more Superman titles for four months - it really did feel like the man of steel was dead.

The entire series is available as a trade paperback graphic novel as well as an hardcover and if you thought comics were just for kids then this is well worth reading. Some stories can only be told in a comic book format and this is one of them.

Of course Superman did eventually return in best comic style, if with his powers reduced somewhat, but that doesn't take anything from the sheer power and brilliance of this storyline. Hey, it got me reading comic books again.

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