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Monday, 3 January 2011

Wild West eMonday is go

It's been over two years since the first Wild West Monday initiative and back then it was a very different world - for one thing no one had heard of the Kindle and eBooks were such a small part of the overall book industry that no one took them seriously. And that book industry itself was in a sorry state and had shrunk after decades of declining book sales to a point where there was little difference in the stock carried from one bookshop to another - it was as if we all wanted to read the same thing and variety was not a word that could be used when talking about books.

Back then the idea of Wild West Monday was to try and put those western paperbacks back in the shops, to force a return to times when all genres were carried and not just tried and tested bestselling writers. Fans were urged to write to publishers in support of the western genre and a good many of you did and indeed by the third Wild West Monday publishers were reporting a small increase in demand for western titles.

Now though it's all changed and in the digital marketplace the western is well represented and, I believe that eBooks will follow the pattern of releasing old long out of print titles onto the digital marketplace, so we'll be spoilt for choice. However that doesn't mean our job is done - far from it and at the moment there is more need than ever for the Wild West Monday movement to continue. We need to show publishers how popular the western genre is so that we see new material as well as all those reprints.

So today The Archive goes western crazy and we urge you all to buy a western eBook today - any western book, they're not expensive and can be read on any device including the computer screen. The Archive recommends the Black Horse eBook Bundle which retails at £10 and features four popular titles from the Black Horse range, or then again you can pick up Edge: The Loner by George G. Gilman which was the first title in the astounding long running adult western series. Later today we'll feature an interview with Chris Scott Wilson and any of his western titles are well worth picking up.

All that and so much more coming today.

NEXT - Our review of True Grit 2010 - it's a great movie but you know it's just not as good as the original.

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