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Sunday, 2 January 2011

Wild West eMonday

Tomorrow is Wild West eMonday and the Archive will be bursting with western related material - we're going to be hitting double figures with interviews, features, reviews, fiction, a free eBook offer and so much more - it's all here tomorrow when we push for the western genre. The idea of the day is for everyone to buy a western eBook. If you already read westerns then you'll know how entertaining they can be and if you don't - well this could be the start of a lifelong interest. The Archive will be directing you to the best of the best.

Highlights include - a new Cash Laramie short story, an interview with Chris Scott Wilson,  a full review of that western movie, True Grit which is currently lighting up US cinema screens and an eBook giveaway that you're certainly going to love. There'll also be several guest posts from acclaimed western writers.


David Barber said...

Looking forward to it, Gary!

Jerry House said...

What David said.