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Monday, 10 January 2011

Wonder Woman stalls

Our collective hopes if seeing a buxom babe dancing across the screen in that hot outfit have been dashed - David E. Kelley had high hopes for his TV reboot of Wonder Woman, having recently finished the pilot script. But the project is indefinitely postponed, as all of the major networks have passed on the project.

Sources say that Wonder Woman's failure to take flight is a matter of poor timing. Kelley intended to do a contemporary take on the popular DC Comics heroine for Warner Bros. TV. The pilot script was shopped around on Wednesday, with Fox and ABC passing on the series almost immediately. Fox was not considered a good fit for the show's subject matter, and ABC has too strong of a connection with Disney, who recently acquired the rights to Marvel, and have been developing projects for the network such as the new Hulk series. So ABC considered taking on DC's Wonder Woman a conflict of interests.

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