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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Jack Martin western news

Amazon have slashed the pre-order price of my July release from £13.24 to £9.94 and what's more if you pre-order now you will be guaranteed this price when the book is released. And no monies will be deducted from accounts until the book is ready to be shipped - can't be bad. Pre-order HERE

Had another brainstorming session with Neil Jones, the man who will bring my first novel The Tarnished Star to the big screen, this week and progress on the film is moving along nicely. Hopefully before too much longer I'll have an estimated start of shoot date to report. And speaking of Neil he's just started pre-production on a horror film, The Reverend which will also be a graphic novel. The Archive will be the place for news on this film. I've secured a part myself and I'm sure I can blag permission for a set report. And anyone who digs boxing movies are urged to check out the current award winning release, Risen

But back to The Tarnished Star - the Linford Large Print Paperback edition will be published on the 1st March 2011 and is also available for pre-order NOW.  My second novel Arkansas Smith is also going into large print paperback and will be published on the 1st May 2011.

Speaking of Arkansas Smith - the second novel about the character, Arkansas Smith: The Tumbleweed Trail is nearing completion and I anticipate getting it off to the publishers in a few weeks.

And finally - Riding the Western Trail, the collection of short stories, western based articles and a Novella, by Jack Martin will be published later this summer onto the Kindle and other eBook formats. This will be the first release from Tainted Archive Publications and is currently going through vigorous editing. I'll be employing an artist to create the cover image very soon and will reveal it here on The Archive.

Until next time - I'm going to sleep.

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