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Wednesday, 16 February 2011


From electronic review - The Kindle eReader has for the most part ended up the leader in sales in the ebook reader market, and has delivered a substantial digital reading experience.  According to users, there are a few areas which the Amazon Kindle fell short in, and users have been rather vocal about the shortcomings on the Kindle support boards.  One of the primary complaints came from students and educators, who found the Kindle to be inadequate in substituting for their bulky textbooks due to the lack of real page numbers which would allow students to synchronize their ebook reading with the teacher and rest of the class.  There was no way to be on the same page using the Kindle’s previous location numbers.
Well students, take heart, Amazon has heard your cries and has responded in their recent free upgrade to the Kindle eReader.  While the update came too late for some, who opted for the Nook or other ebook readers which provided real page numbers, Kindle loyalists will now be able to follow suit in the classroom and during homework as real page numbers that match those in printed books are now provided for your Kindle ebooks.  The real page number feature will also be helpful to book club members who wish to read along during meetings.
Another new feature is the ‘public notes’ option that allows Kindle users to share their notes and highlights with other Kindle owners. This allows readers to share their excitement about what they’re reading with their friends and family.  The new ‘before you go’ feature provides a platform for readers who finish a book to rate the book, share information about the book with their social network, and receive personalized book recommendations.
The software update also includes a new Newspaper and Magazine layout that shows users a snapshot of the news in that publication to help them determine what they want to read first. For those of you who were on the fence about getting your own Kindle ebook reader, you just got some updated reasons to consider going for it.  Learn more about the Kindle eReader in the Amazon Kindle Store.

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