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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Libraries are sexy...and don't forget it.

With UK libraries facing closure by the current government (fucking Tories) it is more important that ever to support your local library and borrow books. And if you're not a member of a library or haven't visited one in years then please join now.Even if you don't want to borrow books then join anyway and borrow a couple and then when you take them back borrow a few more - we must support out libraries and ensure they remain for future generations.

Don't let the penny pinching bureaucrats, who pay themselves huge wages, justify closing libraries by saying they are not used. Come one everyone, GET DOWN THE LIBRARY and while you're there borrow something by Jack Martin (hint, hint)

Find a list of great titles to entice you into those libraries at Penny Grubb, Books from the Library resource HERE

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